Happy (Rubber) Feet

A very minor update today (and I’m not sure how much I’ll get done over the weekend as I’m supposed to be concentrating on some renovations-related woodworking)…

A parcel arrived from Bulgaria today: 36 rubber feet to replace those on the bases of my europluses.

I bought enough to do nine bases – so I’ll have plenty for the six europluses I’m hoping to totally refurbish and make complete.

Some of the existing feet are missing, some have been replaced with screw-on ones, and some have just migrated over time like some weird micro-scale (Ha! see what I did there?!) continental drift.

I’m planning on removing all the original feet, cleaning the bases of all adhesive residue, and “installing” four feet per base.

The match is pretty good (see Figure 1) – they were advertised as NOS Apple feet, but, given the slight differences, they’re either (likely) later versions than europlus-era, or ones which just happen to be very similar.

Funnily enough, I’m expecting another Apple ][-related delivery from Bulgaria, but the highly appropriate goods description (see Figure 2) on the customs declaration put paid to any thoughts of having hardware to play with before I’d even opened the package.

I hope you get to do more on your Retrochallenge entry this weekend (you did enter, didn’t you?!) than I’m expecting I’ll get to.

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