Silentype Font v2.0 Released!

I have great pleasure in announcing that v2.0 of my Silentype font is now officially released as a New Year gift to the Apple ][ community. I originally made this font so I could recreate my Year 10 Technology magnus opus. I’ve generated versions for pretty well all major modern operating systems – and a … Continue reading “Silentype Font v2.0 Released!”

Silentype font

For reasons which will become clearer after a few more backstories (I thought I should post something “useful”), I set out in September 2003 to create a font of the Silentype character set for modern computers. I had a copy of Fontographer I had previously used for logo font creation I could use to make the font, … Continue reading “Silentype font”

Community Service

As per the official WOzFest 18 announcement, the theme for the upcoming event is Community Service. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about giving back to our retrocomputer communities – it’s something I’m passionate about because of the significant help and support I’ve received not only from my own local community especially, but also from the … Continue reading “Community Service”

Juiced.GS Publisher Announces Two New Retrocomputer Services

Gamebits, publisher of the sole remaining Apple ][ print publication, Juiced.GS, has announced two new online services for retrocomputer enthusiasts: Retro Roundup and Retro Roundup is a feed aggregator of retrocomputer-related sites (disclaimer: including this one!) which can be filtered in several ways. Interested users can read the feed “onsite”, subscribe to RSS feeds, … Continue reading “Juiced.GS Publisher Announces Two New Retrocomputer Services”

Retrochallenge meets WOzFest – Check Your Caps!

Retrochallenge 2017/04 is almost over! WOzFest PR#6 has now started! It’s time for the two parts of my retrocomputing life to collide in the most resourceful of ways… My “europlus Refurbapalooza”, whereby I’m trying to get all my europluses operational, has been the thrust of my two Retrochallenge entries in 2016/10 and 2017/04. With the … Continue reading “Retrochallenge meets WOzFest – Check Your Caps!”

A Little Ray of (Retrochallenge) Sunshine

Another short post, another little bit of progress to report… As per my Retrochallenge 2016/10 Half Time Report, I hadn’t had much luck firing up my new favourite europlus, even after replacing the 6502, the ROMs and several logic chips. A couple of nights ago I decided to press on with the next machine along on … Continue reading “A Little Ray of (Retrochallenge) Sunshine”

My return to Apple ][s

I deeply lament not keeping track of our original europlus – it had initially gone to my brother-in-law when my dad bought our first Mac in late 1985, and it was then passed on to his cousin…and we don’t know what happened to it after that. It wasn’t a particularly special machine – 64K of … Continue reading “My return to Apple ][s”

WOzFest /// Announcement

In Sydney on 29 April, 2016? Love Apples, especially of the ][ variety? Join me (and around 10-15 other retro-enthusiasts) at WOzFest /// – an Apple-lovers’ gathering at Wollstonecraft (on Sydney’s Lower North Shore). Bring your soldering irons, bring your projects, bring your discards, but most of all bring your enthusiasm for… …an exciting new Apple … Continue reading “WOzFest /// Announcement”

A new ]HOME

Welcome! I’ve decided to try self-hosting this blog – it may not see me posting more often, but I do want to make it more “my” place. So, this is “The europlus Zone” – I’ll be consolidating things like the files for my Silentype Font under this domain (☑︎ done!), as well as the pictures I’ve placed on an … Continue reading “A new ]HOME”

First Class Work

As previously noted, my curricular time with Bob Bates came to an end in 1983, when he taught the half-term Technology syllabus to all six Yr 10 classes in turn. Our class, 10/1 Science, had Technology first, which I was certainly happy for (I continued to do elective computer classes throughout the year outside of … Continue reading “First Class Work”